Finding my “Wine Voice”.

It seems miraculous that the Internet allowed me to be a published writer at the click of a mouse. Just like that!! It could not be easier. Undoubtedly, this is one of the positive impacts of technology from my perspective. (Being an “on the other hand” kind of person, I have strong arguments on both sides of the debate).  Hopefully, it is the same for my readers. Which brings me to the subject of this post.

The origins of this Blog lie purely in a desire to share my passion for wine.  At the “Wine Writers Symposium” last month, I had the chance to meet several talented, impressive and famous writers. Creativity flowed faster than wine and inspiration abounded. From prose to poetry, there was intense & spirited dialogue.

Discussions on the subject of blogging inevitably turned to ideas on driving reader traffic, target audiences, offering value, creating your “niche” and monetization. All of this had overt commercial overtones that I thought could compromise authenticity in writing. It prompted me to ponder the subject and choose my own “content philosophy”, if you will.

I believe enthusiasm is intrinsically infectious, attractive and attention worthy. I may or may not always have a word of wisdom or useful factoid about wine in my posts, but I will always have a story. And to the extent it will be driven by a love of wine, I hope it will make great reading.

That, dear readers, will be my “Wine Voice”.

Until next time……..saluté.

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4 Responses to Finding my “Wine Voice”.

  1. Guddi Anand says:

    Do I need to repeat myself ‘our Sommelier’ like everything else you do this beautifully too.

  2. Poonam Khurana says:

    You write very well Ms Vinology. I see a very bright future ahead of you as a creative writer.
    We will follow the stories………..

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