Solo Sojourn – Tasting & Rating

This is the first in a series of solitary wine reviews. One wine, tasted by one person – moi!!! Each of them will conclude with brief tasting notes and simple rating on a scale of zero to ten. 0 is vinegar and 10 the elixir of life. So let’s get started.

My first selection is a Bay Moon 2010 Sauvignon Blanc. Here is the how and why of the choice, followed by notes and rating.

Amongst the wine mêlée one finds in your typical corner wine store, Trader Joes offers the friendliest setting for the average wine buyer. Bottles are laid out in ways that facilitate selection. Arranged by varietal and place of origin – two dimensions that are quite sufficient to make an informed choice. The colorful description tags for each wine are short and simple. Just enough to help you decide if you want to investigate the wine label further. Contrast this with Kahns Fine Wines, billed as a specialty upscale wine store. The layout at Kahns is quite confusing & unattractive with wines arranged by a logic that is hard to decipher for most simplicity seeking minds. It remains my least favorite wine source. I use it only when looking for a specific label or vintage that I cannot find elsewhere.

Once you think beyond the two buck chuck, TJ’s has a treasure trove of wines waiting to be discovered. After reading “A Toast to Bargain Wines” by George Taber, I was completely fascinated by the story of the emergence of that ubiquitous game changer in the wine world i.e. “Charles Shaw”. The business of wine is a compelling back story that I will cover in upcoming posts.

On the prowl for a great value buy, as I paced the wine aisle at TJ’s, a helpful store clerk walked by and suggested I try one of the Trader Moons – apparently another TJ brand that is positioned somewhere between the price points of Charles Shaw and TJ Petite Reserve. In the mood for a Sauvignon Blanc to go with shrimp that weekend, I picked a 2010 Bay Moon Sauvignon Blanc from Monterey Bay. The label description sounded promising. Here is the result:

2010 Bay   Moon Sauvignon Blanc, Monterey Bay. $5.99
Color Pale   Gold
Nose Decidedly Limey. Bright   with the zing of unripe fruit. Mildly herbal. The slightest but detectable   overtone of honey.
Taste Medium   bodied. Bone dry. Electric. Sharp & lively with a punch. Moderately   balanced. Medium length. Slightly bitter (lemon rind) finish. The honey in   the nose does not translate to sweetness on the palate, thankfully.
Remarks Great buy for a casual   everyday evening.
Rating 7
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