Solo Sojourn – 2009 Quail Creek Sauvignon Blanc

All Sauvignon Blancs are not made equal. This was evident after my first whiff of the 2009 Quail Creek kind. Continuing on the Sauvignon Blanc trail – having chosen this most aromatic of whites as my opening selection for this series – I gravitated towards that varietal on a visit to Whole Foods. Truth be told, it is not where I usually shop for wine. What takes me into that store is organic wild caught fish and some specialty cheeses. On this recent visit, I lost my way into the wine area and spotted the Quail Creek label. It appears to be one of the value brands from Whole Foods with a collection of popular varietals – from Cabs to Merlots and Chardonnays. (Turns out the real budget brand from WF that competes with TJ’s Two Buck Chuck is called “Three Wishes”. Gives me an idea for a comparative tasting of the two super-cheap labels)

A word on the wine offerings at Whole Foods – There are not many under $15’s. And the arrangement is rather confusing. The varietal shelves are predominantly domestic and those placed by region are imported.

A little research revealed that the Quail Creek brand is owned by Bronco Wine Company, owners of Charles Shaw – AKA two buck chuck. The label reveals very little about its origins. Bronco’s wines are typically from the less prestigious central valley in California (compared to the more coveted Napa and Sonoma areas). It is probably safe to assume Quail Creeks origins are in the central valley.

This wine certainly does nothing to change the perception of the regions inferiority. It was a singularly characterless bottle of wine with nary a redeeming quality. Unless you are looking purely for the effect of ethanol (at 12.5%, it is mid to high range on that front), you would do better to save your money and stay away from this one. Here is the tasting report and rating.

2009 Quail Creek Sauvignon Blanc, Central Valley   CA. $5.99
Color Pale Gold
Nose Dull, limp, barely there, unidentifiable, uninspiring aromas. The   mildest hint of minty grass. Aromas seem to fade further after ten minutes in   the glass.
Taste Semi dry. Cloying, undistinguishable, dull on the palate. Flat. Slight buttery   Chardonnay like mouth feel. Totally lacking in character. Medium length.
Remarks Not recommended
Rating 3
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2 Responses to Solo Sojourn – 2009 Quail Creek Sauvignon Blanc

  1. JR says:

    This Solo Sojourn series is great! You are evaluating wines available to everyone at stores accessible to everyone. Very practical and useful from a day to day shopping perspective. Keep these coming!

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