It was perhaps providential that my choice of major in college was Chemistry. At the time I had no idea that a passion for wine later in life would have fermentation and chemistry at its heart!!

An MBA in Marketing following undergraduate studies led me down an exciting & successful career path in the food processing & packaging equipment arena. As an executive with a Swedish equipment manufacturer, I marketed equipment for making beer, wine, olive oil, milk & other liquid foods.  From fermenters, heat exchangers & centrifuges to complete breweries & dairies – I worked with a range of products in a host of countries on three continents.

An interest in wine, piqued by an extended association with the industry, turned into a passion. If extensive reading on the subject was not enough, numerous visits to wineries and tasting rooms made me a devoted oenophile. Short courses at the Center for Wine Studies at the CIA made up for a lack of formal wine education. That brief yet intense academic exposure was exciting. I felt a strong urge to share my wine experience & decided that a Blog would be my platform.

And thus was born vinological. Nothing could be more pleasurable than hours spent experiencing wine in all its shades and then writing about it.

My intention in this space is to share with you my musings about my wine experiences.  The goal being to have at least one post per week – giving me the perfect excuse to indulge in my Oenophilia. Come join me in this exciting adventure.


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